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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your development cost?

Short answer: We offer the most competitively-priced solutions on South Asian market.

Longer answer: It might be hard to imagine what you will get and amount of work standing behind. Each web system is custom-made, because we deliver only the most effective solutions for your specific business tasks.

Price is quoted basing on many details. We need to find more about you business, and goals you intend to achieve and constrains you have. Please fill in our Request for Proposal form and we will contact you with approximate costs and timelines.

We often offer very attractive promotion packages, with exact price breakdown and precise description, like banner adds, flash intro or a corporate website with certain functionality.

What specific technologies do you use?

There is no specific technology we use everywhere as there is no one global solution for all tasks. We are proficient in a variety of computing languages and Database Management Systems and select the most effective copula for each particular task. We can not say work only on .NET, only Rational Rose for Software Modeling and only MS Project for developing schedules and optimizing the workflow.

Let's take Graphic Design as an example: we use different applications to get maximal output quality possible.

Graphic layout with bitmap elements is developed in several Corel applications, Adobe Photoshop, and Fireworks, vector symbols  in Flash, Swish, 3DMax, and Rhino, certain effects from Corel Photo Paint are puted together in Illustrator in the end. Why did designer use so many applications for one simple layout? Designer benefited from possibilities and advantages of each application, reached better quality, implemented a creative idea and benefited in time.

This is a part of our philosophy we employ only the smartest people, each being highly experienced in his area. Computing language or Applications is only a tool in a hand of professional.

What support does Adept Infotech provide?

The answer is simple: we are here for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week. Effective communication and support is what makes us different.

Facts: We are very proud to say our 2002 year clients estimated an average maintenance and support satisfaction as high as 89%.

What experience do you have?

You can judge about our experience from our portfolio, but projects listed there show only a small part of over 100 projects we completed, non-disclosure statements do not allow placing most of them in portfolio section. However, we can provide you with links on request. It is always better to contact us directly and our experts will discuss possibility of using specific adoptive technologies in each narrow area and advise the best solution. Statistics:

How do investments in professional custom graphic design improve my online presence?

Thoughtful, professional custom graphic design results in building a visual and functional user front end that focuses exclusively on providing an exceptional user experience while conveying company, service and product information.

Usability  one of the most important decisive factors influencing user experience from web-oriented systems (e-commerce store user interface, corporate website front-end, administrative area design and extranet systems). This knowledge is more heuristic and comes with years of experience. Several examples how bad usability influences sales directly:

  • The Yankee Group ascertains that over 75% of all buyers have left their shopping carts at least once because of user interface inconveniencies (usability pitfalls).
  • Forester research overviews show that 66% of shopping carts were left by customers before finishing purchasing process (closing the deal and submitting payment) as a result of bad usability issues.

Company image. Your website is the most important sales tool you have. Your visitor's first impression will almost instantly determine whether or not you're going to make a sale. Every detail does matter. No one will leave a Credit Card number, nor order service on a poorly designed site of a company that is not able to allow hiring professionals.

On the other hand, well designed content is easy to read, and accurate graphics, plus positive experience during surfing navigation and using services, will improve company image across the web audience and prove the company as customer oriented.

Why does my company need a professional logo?

This is the question you will almost certainly be asking yourself at the stage where either you are a start up company or you are simply not generating enough sales. Here are a few reasons why getting a professional logo will make your company rise above its competitors.

  • You get recognition. People see your logo on letterheads, websites and advertisements because it stands out  this makes it more memorable. It also makes your business look bigger than it really is.
  • A professional logo is an extremely valuable asset. It is said that the Coca-Cola logo is worth more than all of the premises they own and more than their entire company. So getting a good logo may lead to getting rich when you feel it is time to move on and sell your company.
  • A logo shows you care about your company and are willing to invest money into your company to make more sales. People do judge a book by its cover, so having a good logo is a great start to making sales.

What are my benefits from using Adept Infotech rather than freelancers even on small projects?

Adept Infotech is experienced, well coordinated team. Each of our employees is a professional in his particular field of specialization. Knowledge of every` smallest detail enables faster turnaround time and thus cutting down the project cost. Experienced project managers enable team synergy result in the highest performance possible, following the accurate timelines. Our quality control grants only extremely high quality products, high usability standards and professional graphic design.

Our added value is experience, quality services and fast turnaround time.

Where do I start?

You have to contact us directly or fill in Get a Price Quote Form describing your requests for web development. Our sales managers and analysts will discuss with you all the details of your project and will provide you with precise time and cost estimation.